Protection Tattoo Symbols – Meaning, Definition, and Designs

Protection Tattoo Symbols – Meaning, Definition, and Designs

Protection symbols tattoos are being tattooed by the people from centuries ago purposely as they have big meaning behind them.

Not only as a tattoo, but people also use protection symbols in their jewelry designs and body painting, and they are a part of their culture too.

One of the biggest reasons people like to have protection tattoos is because they find a lot of strength and mental comfort having their symbols around them.

Nowadays, people are mostly used to get tattoos or jewelry designs like talismans as a symbol of protection.

However, there are so many symbols of protection that you can feature in your jewelry as well as on your body.

People think of getting protection symbol tattoos as they have a strong meaning behind them. There are various types of protection symbols that you can have on your body. But it is worth giving your time to research for the meaning of protection symbols before you get them tattooed on your skin.

It is also better to find and research the tattoos that mean protection symbols from which they originated and the history behind them.

There are various best protection symbols that you can get on your skin as a tattoo. Thus you should find more information about these protection tattoo designs here.

This article covers the meaning, definition, design, and history of the protection tattoo symbols that you never heard before.

Best Protection Tattoo Symbol Designs

Here below are some common protection symbols that are highly popular as contemporary and cool tattoo designs. You will also find designs that are not usual, and anyone you will look at your tattoo may leave in astonishment.

Investing your time and money by properly researching the tattoo design before going for the needling process may leave the wearer esthetically pleasing. Getting a meaningful tattoo is what makes you different from others who have anything on their skin.

Researching tattoos will always ensure that you are getting a meaningful tattoo on your body that will last your lifetime.

Evil Eye Protection Tattoo

Whenever we are thinking about the protection tattoo symbol meaning, one thing that first comes to our mind is what does the eye tattoo symbol mean.

Evil eye protection tattoo has been used in Egyptian cultures for years, and now this symbol is also popular among Christian as a symbol for protection.

Evil Eye Protection Tattoo is also known as the Evil Eye Talisman. This tattoo has a depth meaning that protects you from people’s bad sight, resembling Turkish Nazar.

People also use Hamsa – it is a stylish eye symbol that people make on their palms of the hand.

The evil eye protection tattoo will keep you safe from the black and bad juju and sent back to those who sent it to you.

Spiritual Protection Tattoos

Birds, animal tattoos, koi fish tattoo, and feeling images are used as the spiritual symbol of protection tattoo. Shamanic Power is a spiritual tattoo that resembles the magical symbol of spiritual protection. This is popular in the Ancient Celtic symbols for the protection symbols.

Celtic designs have become the inspirations for many tattoo artists to make spiritual tattoos on the body. However, the meaning of these designs differs if a woman is wearing the symbol to that of the man. Also, the meaning of these symbols differs from nations, as different cultures have different meanings of symbols.

Gao Yord is Master Yant, who is the most sacred Buddhist tattoo that shows a wide range of power of protection. Another popular spiritual protection tattoo design is the Healing tattoo, which features the eye. Most of the spirituality believing people get these tattoos spiritual protection tattoos to show their beliefs.

Angel Protection Tattoo

Angels are the symbol of protection as they are the heavenly beings that are believed to live above planes. They resemble the sign of protection as they are meant to protect the human being living on earth from evil power.

These are also the creatures who are superior to human beings and possess many powers. from which they protect humans and safeguard them from evil power.

The Angel of protection tattoo is believed to be the protection tattoo from evil and negative powers that surrounds human beings.

However, most of people even do not believe that angels exist or not. But people like to get these tattoos on their skin as they are the adorable ones that represent the heavenly body.

Some people also have big reasons to get these angel tattoos on their skin. Some said that they have seen angels and encountered those angels, as they were protecting the life of someone or themselves.

There are many types of angel tattoos that are already mentioned in the scriptures and the Bible.

Viking Protection Tattoo Symbol Design

This is one of the best protection tattoos that are popular from centuries ago. Viking is the protection tattoo symbol which is highly popular as the contemporary tattoo that most of the youngsters are getting on their body. Vikings include a wide variety of protection symbols and runes that a wearer can get on their skin.

Algiz is a Viking rune that is like the letter Z. It is believed that the Algiz rune is a magical protection symbol.

It is a simple tattoo design that looks like a tree. This rune also depicts the horns of elk that mean animals are providing protection against negativity coming around your body.

Some other people say that this symbol looks like uprising arms in the air of a person. This tattoo means a human is reaching above heaven, calling divine beings.

These symbols represent the gesture of safeguarding and protection against mishappening and evils.

Other Viking protection tattoo designs are Aegishjalmur, also called as Helm of Awe. It has eight branches of the magical staves in a circular design.

These Viking tattoo’s meaning is to protect warriors. They have their helmets decorated in the design with Helm of Awe that believes in protecting warriors as they go into the battlefield.

African Symbols Protection Tattoo

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It is believed that in Africa, falcon God Horus is the God of Sky who has one eye of the moon and the other eye of the sun.

In Ancient Egypt, people used to get tattoos of the eye of the Horus as the symbol of protection. Not only on the body, but you will also find this symbol on the ships and pharaohs wear them around their neck area entomb in the pyramid with the Eye of Horus.

This tattoo also believes in protecting and safeguarding the soul even in life after death.

There are so many styles in which the Eye of Horus can get tattooed on your skin. It has a wide range of designs, from a single line to using several colors, and it can be perfect for both genders, male and female.

There is also another African protection symbol that people use to get them on their body in the form of a tattoo. This is the Adinkra symbol, and it is mostly embedded in the architectural structures, clothes, and pottery.

Another symbol is Nyame Dua or the tree of God, which represents presence as well as protection from evil spirits as divine beings around us. The Nyame Dua tattoo design which is a four-part design in the shape of a heart. This also depicts the aerial cross-section of the palm tree.

There are several African Adinkra symbols that have different meanings and depict different things as per the local culture. Locals have these symbols needled on their bodies.

Wiccan Symbol Protection Tattoo

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Wiccan is another symbol of protection tattoo design, which is a pagan of the witchcraft practice.

It is one of the best symbols of protection, which is rich in the symbolism of spells and protection against ills and negative energies.

It is highly popular in the design of the pentacle. However, most of the people leave in confusion between the pentacle and pentagram.

Earlier, the pentagram was wrongly associated with the evil or darker side of the pagan practice.

So these tattoo designs are not like the Japanese and Chinese characters. It is important to clarify the meaning, and both are different from each other.

Pentagram is a design with five points like a star, whereas pentacles also have five-pointed corners like stars. 

But pentacle is a design in the center of a circle. Pentacle design is a symbol that is associated with white magic practice.

It is used by the white magic practitioners for creating protection spells and warding a person from negative or evil powers.

It is a positive tattoo design that is believed to safeguard from the negative energies.

The four points of the pentacle design show fire, water, earth, and air. The last fifth point represents a person’s self.

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Final Words

Protection symbols tattoos are always loved by the people and these popular among the people from centuries ago.

Protection symbol tattoos are not only just mere a design, but they have a deep meaning behind them.

They have a cultural meaning also, which might differ from place to place.

So if you are planning to get a protection symbol tattoo make sure to do some research. 

Find what is the real purpose behind them according to the culture. This will make your tattoo look different from others.

Also, you can explain the meaning correctly in case anyone asks you.

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