What is Instastalker, How to Find Your Stalkers, and Prevent Instagram Stalking

What is Instastalker, How to Find Your Stalkers, and Prevent Instagram Stalking

Instagram is the top growing social media platforms currently. However, instastalker can create big problems. It is important that you know who views your insta profile story.

Instagram users who have public profiles love to know who stalks their Instagram profile. Are you one of those people who check different insta accounts and stories without becoming their active followers?

This is exactly the case with popular brands. The brands share insta posts many times in a day. We check their profiles and view their stories, but not necessarily follow them.

This way, we maintain a clean feed and do not overlook a single post from our friends and family.

An instastalker does the same thing. Whether you are an insta stalker or are being insta stalked, we will cover all the necessary information that you must be aware of.

In this article, we will also mention the ways in which you can know about your insta-stalker. We will also suggest some ways to prevent your insta account from being instastalked and make it safe to use.

What is Instastalker?

Instastalker word is used to view someone’s insta account without their knowledge.

There are endless websites that use this term to promote their services.

This is an easy way of stalking another profile anonymously. The user will get a hint in the impressions but will not get to know who sneaked into their account unnoticed.

If you wish to see someone’s posts and stories but do not want them to know, then Insta stalker is the method to do so. 

Remember:- if the account of the user is set to ‘private,’ then you cannot insta stalk that profile. Websites like mystalk.netinstafullsize.com, stalkhub.com, or insta-stalker.me  will get you in big trouble. If you genuinely think you are insta-stalked, then reach out for assistance as soon as possible.

an insta-stalker viewing someone's instagram profile

Why should you know who is stalking your Instagram account?

There are some reasons why you must know who stalks your profile. 

The first and most important one is safety reasons. You never know which insta stalker is harmful.

Sometime you would like to know whether your crust views your profile, which is completely normal. However, other times, you might just be curious to know who stalked your profile.

As Instagram does not permit to check who stalks your profile directly, you will need third-party applications.

Should You Use Instastalker Websites?

There are some valid justifications as to why to use these websites.

These instastalker websites can help parents to keep a check on their kid’s posts and stories on their insta account.

 You can easily check on insta profile of a person who has blocked you. You can easily see the list of accounts that blocked you on these websites. 

Wondering what to do if you don’t have your own Instagram account? In case you have not created your insta account, you can still insta-stalk profiles by simply using these websites. 

Be careful when you use these websites; these can be used for good and bad reasons both.

Instastalk using Instagram

Can you Instastalk without using the websites?

Yes, you can insta stalk on someone’s Instagram profile without using these websites.  However, you cannot check the stories and post them on a regular basis, maybe weekly.

The only drawback in doing so is that your name will show in the viewer’s list, which you do not want to happen. 

Many of you might have created fake accounts to stalk someone’s profile: your ex or crush. They will see the username of that account on their viewer’s list.

Hence they can easily understand that they are insta stalked.

You cannot check the names of stalker accounts directly through insta account, but many third-party apps help monitor all the activities on your insta profile.

Advice: do not try to become an insta stalker. This is not an ethical practice.

How to Find An Instastalker?

There may be chances that your insta account is being insta stalked. It could be anyone: a person who has a crush on you or your ex or any person with bad intentions. 

People who like your profile and stories can also stalk your account. 

Sometime you may sense that your account is being spied by someone unknown

Some sign to look for if your insta account is being stalked:

Instagram Stories

Be alert on who views your Instagram stories. Instagram provides a complete list of viewer accounts. 

You can check the complete list by swiping up at your stories. You can see the username of every profile who viewed your account. 

Likes and Comments

You notice regular likes and comments on your profile from a certain account. This is a clear sign that they like your profile, and you are being instastalked.

Instastalker Apps

You can install third-party apps, which can help you with your curiosity. There are around ten applications that can help you see who stalks your Instagram profile. Be careful when you operate on Instagram stalker apps. 

Always turn the two factors authentication on for your account. This will protect your account from getting hacked or used by someone who does not have access to your phone.

Private Account

Want to keep your account safe? Then Go private!

When you turn on the privacy setting on your account, every time you get a follow request, you will be notified. You can check who is not seeing your posts and stories anymore.

People who would want to stalk your account will send you a friend request. This way, you will get an idea of who can be a stalker.

Instagram feed open on a mobile

How to Waive Off Instastalker?

For every problem, there is always a solution. Here we have listed some tips to get rid of insta stalker.

Switch to Private Account

 The first step to ensure the safety of your account is by turning on the Private setting of your Instagram account. This way, you will have full control over your follower’s list. 

People who want to stalk your profile will have to send you a friend request if they want to see your account.

You should not accept requests from people you don’t know. Hence, limit the Instastalkers.

Follow these simple steps to make your insta account private:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Go to Settings and then Privacy option.
  3. Turn Account Privacy option to Private.

Note: You cannot make your account private if you have a business account.

Block Unwanted Followers

After you have turned on the private setting, block every instastalker. You will be assured that all the people that follow you now are the people you know.

You will have to block a lot of accounts if you wish to keep your account public.

If you have a large number of following on your account, there is a higher risk of insta stalker.

If you want to block someone, then follow these steps.

  1. Go to that person’s profile.
  2. Click on three vertical dots at the top right corner of the profile.
  3. Select the Block option and click on Block to confirm

You can unblock the profile whenever you wish to see their page. Visit the blocked account option in your privacy settings; you will see the list of users that are blocked.

Warn Your Instastalker

If you know who is your insta stalker, then just directly warn them. You can send them a text, message, or even call them directly. If you do not have the contact list, then you can comment on their post and ask them to stop stalking your profile. This way, other stalker users will also get an alert about their creep activities. You can block them right away.

Reporting to Authorities

If you think that situation is going out of hands, then you can also seek help from authorities. Do not take anything lightly; after all, it’s about your privacy and security.

You should take any security measures possible for your safety. Visit the local police station, if you think you are being threatened. The number of cyberbullying cases that are being filed is huge.

How Does Instagram Help in Dealing with Stalking?

Instagram cannot handle the accounts of every user. The social media site tries its best to get things in line.

The app removed the “following tab,” which was a big change made by the company. This tab helped in finding new accounts. 

People used to try instastalker activities using this button, including commenting on strangers’ posts.

After deleting the tab, stalking was reduced to a great extent. You will have no information about the activities of other people.

You can also go to the Instagram help page to seek help for the insta stalking issues.

Final words:-

To keep insta users safe, google play deleted an insta stalker app called Ghosty. The apps used to give access to stalkers to peep in the accounts of private Instagram users. Instagram officials also took action and made sure the app gets deleted as soon as possible. 

Instagram told Ghosty developers that they would send a desist and cease letter if the app is not deleted. The warnings were taken seriously, and they quickly deleted the app.

Instagram claimed that the Ghosty app was breaching the privacy of the social media platform. Ghostly recovered over 500,000 downloads on the Goggle play store after the launch since April 2019.

Instastalker is a big issue. You should not get involved in such activities in unethical ways. Make sure you follow the safety tips to keep your Instagram profile secure.

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